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Assessing Climate Change Impacts

Anthropogenic forcing of the climate system due to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and other gases are likely to lead to increased probabilities that by sometime in the 21st century the climate state in the upper Great Lakes basin will be outside the envelope of historically-observed conditions. As such, the IUGLS hydroclimatic analysis involved addressing the plausibility and scope of climate change impacts on net basin supplies and water levels in the upper Great Lakes basin. A major goal of the Study was to bring the best possible hydroclimatic science to bear on selecting a robust regulation plan. In working towards that objective, the IUGLS included state-of-the-science climate projections from one of the largest ensembles of GCM runs ever assembled for a regional study, regional climate modelling from two separate national modelling centers, a variety of statistical modelling approaches and innovations in modelling of the lake system’s responses to climate.
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