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Does the plan reduce shoreline protection costs?

This is the seventh of nine Study Board decision criteria used in the evaluation of Lake Superior regulation plans. The Study Board sought to reduce the total costs of maintaining shoreline protection on lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron, and as a minimum the Study Board sought to not increase costs over the current Plan 1977A. An algorithm was developed and incorporated into the Study's Shared Vision Model (SVM) that used existing large-scale databases for structures, waves and shoreline configurations to produce the average annual costs of maintaining shoreline protection in 24 regions on the lakes. The algorithm calculates the costs of maintaining shoreline protection for each plan in each reach in each month of the simulation, and then compares those reach-by-reach costs to the costs under 1977A. The SVM can display either the gross costs or the net benefit (1977A costs minus candidate plan costs), by reach. Lake Erie shoreline protection costs were not calculated because regulation of Lake Superior has a negligible effect on Lake Erie levels or shoreline protection costs.
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