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Adaptive management requires a modified governance structure

Adaptive management requires a collaborative bi-national effort, as various components of an adaptive management strategy fall under jurisdictions and agencies in the United States and Canada. However, in the absence of an IJC Study, there is no formal coordination or bi-national responsibility for undertaking these efforts related to water levels and flows. No existing bi-national organization is responsible for overseeing an ongoing coordinated adaptive management effort in the Great Lakes basin. Furthermore, adaptive management should encompass the entire Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system from Lake Superior down through Trois Rivière on the lower St. Lawrence River. Recognizing the importance of governance to the application and operation of an effective adaptive management strategy, the Study reviewed several options with respect to governance. The objective was to identify a governance mechanism that would have bi-national authority, would build on existing mandates and responsibilities, would be accepted by the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River community, and would provide the ongoing support required to effectively administer and operate the adaptive management program.
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