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Adaptive management requires improved data, science, collaboration & integration

Regardless of the Lake Superior regulation plan adopted by the IJC, ongoing efforts for monitoring, modelling and research will be required to continue to assess risk, address uncertainties and changing conditions and identify appropriate adaptive actions. The Study identified the following six core elements of an adaptive management strategy to address future water level extremes in the upper Great Lakes basin: - improved hydroclimatic monitoring and modelling, including improved measurement, integration and forecasting of net basin supplies, and improved climate change prediction); - ongoing risk assessment, including tracking of performance indicators and changes in vulnerability for different interest groups; - information management and outreach, particularly in support of coastal management efforts and other Great Lakes initiatives; - development and maintenance of tools and processes for decision makers to evaluate their actions, including updating and maintaining evaluation and modelling tools such as those used in the IUGLS, and incorporating adaptive management into a new regulation plan - a collaborative regional adaptive management study, to assess coastal zone management initiatives to address specific local and regional vulnerabilities and identify possible solutions and mechanisms for ongoing adaptive management to address changing conditions, and; - integration of water quality and water quantity activities, to ensure a common understanding on the state of climate change science and the linking of nearshore water quality and quantity models where possible to support a greater understanding of the system’s dynamics.
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