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Nine decision criteria were used to evaluate regulation plans

All candidate regulation plans developed by the IUGLS were evaluated against the performance of Plan 1977A to show the net change that would occur if the existing plan were replaced. The Study Board wanted to clearly demonstrate that whatever plan was put forward to the IJC improved performance over the existing plan. The focus then, was on: what constitutes improved performance and how should it be reflected in the evaluation criteria? In addition, there are some comparisons to preproject conditions that were used to determine whether regulation is imposing a significant impact compared to the impacts that would have occurred without the structures in place. Comparisons to the 1955 Modified Rule of 1949 plan were also referenced because it was the last plan that did not include balancing – it compresses Lake Superior levels and allows for a wider range of Lake Michigan-Huron levels. In 1979, the IJC issued the Supplementary Order that required that Lake Superior levels be balanced with those of Lake Michigan-Huron. Therefore, the Study Board’s goals, objectives and principles were translated into nine decision criteria. These criteria had to be further quantified by an associated set of metrics that could be used to directly and objectively compare plan performance for each formulated plan, and against 1977A and the preproject condition. The system of performance metrics enabled the Study Board and the plan formulators to better design plans to achieve these goals and evaluate how well these plans met the decision criteria under a variety of possible future NBS conditions as described above.
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