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Establish Levels Advisory Board

The IJC should seek to establish a Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Levels Advisory Board to champion and help administer the proposed adaptive management strategy for the entire Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River system. No bi-national organization is currently responsible for overseeing an ongoing coordinated adaptive management effort in the Great Lakes basin. A 1977 reference to the IJC from Governments may provide the authority to the IJC to re-establish an adaptive management advisory board relatively easily. Furthermore, lessons from past experiences should be identified and applied. The advisory board would build on and complement existing institutions. It would report directly to the IJC, and would be responsible for coordinating, vetting and managing Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River hydroclimatic data and science; advising on required hydroclimatic monitoring and modelling needs; ensuring distribution of water level and hydroclimatic information to users; maintaining and updating plan evaluation tools and monitoring critical performance indicators; supporting the periodic review of regulation plans; addressing special water level management related issues; undertaking outreach and education; promoting integration of water quantity and quality modeling and activities; and, considering alternative adaptive actions. Membership of the advisory board should reflect that water management in Canada and the United States is a shared jurisdiction. Members could be drawn from federal, state and provincial governments, academia, non-government organizations, and the public.
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