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Synthesis of Information on Quaternary Geology in the Vicinity of St. Clair River

Tom Morris;
Analysis of the physical processes in the St Clair River requires some background information on the surficial Quaternary geology along the shoreline and beneath the river, and of the post-glacial geomorphic development of the river, and such information can assist in interpretation of bottom and subbottom seismic and sonar data. A compilation of all information (maps, reports, papers and data) relating to the Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the area between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair on the Canadian side of the St. Clair River was conducted. A summary of the Quaternary stratigraphy and materials in the vicinity of the river and beneath the river bed, the approximate depth of bedrock beneath the river, and a brief summary of existing analyses and interpretations of the post-glacial formation and history of the St Clair River were provided.
Synthesis of Quaternary Geology of St. Clair River
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St. Clair River
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Has St. Clair morphology changed since 1962, what initiated it, and when?
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Evidence suggests St. Clair erosion is not ongoing, but causes remain unknown
Remedial measures should not be taken in the St. Clair
St. Clair River Sediment Regime Analysis