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St. Marys River Structures Overtopping Analysis

Frank H. Quinn;
The risk of overtopping the St. Marys River Compensating Works during extreme high lake levels was examined. This analysis involved analyzing historic water level data, some of which dates back to 1860. The critical elevation for overtopping the structures at Sault Ste. Marie is about 184.02 m for the compensating works and the fisheries remedial works and 184.04 for the Canadian dike. It was found that Lake Superior levels have not overtopped the Compensating Works and adjacent dikes on either a daily or monthly mean basis since their construction; however it was noted that there may have been high lake level episodes prior to their construction, or perhaps will be in the future, which could create a problem by overtopping. Stochastic time series support this finding, suggesting the need for additional study.
Potential Overtopping of St. Marys River Compensating Works
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