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Sault Ste. Marie Headrace Canal Conveyance Capacity Modelling

Jacob Bruxer;
The maximum conveyance capacity of the Soo hydropower plant headrace canals under low water conditions was investigated using hydraulic models. At extremely low Lake Superior water levels, the assumed discharge capacity of the hydropower plants may exceed the capacity of their headrace canals, and as such, the amount of flow that can be passed through the plants may be limited and may be inconsistent with the amount required by the Lake Superior regulation plan. HEC-RAS models of the Brookfield, Cloverland and U.S. Government hydropower canals were developed and calibrated to available data. Relationships for maximum flow as a function of Southwest Pier water level were developed and verified using hourly and daily flow data, and incorporated into the Shared Vision Model used to evaluate regulation plans. The relationships reflect the maximum flow the channel could possibly convey for a given water level, but do not account for additional restrictions or limitations that may exist.
Soo Side-Channel Headrace Conveyance Capacity Modelling
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