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Required Revision to Orders of Approval

David Fay;
The IJC Orders of Approval for Lake Superior regulation were reviewed. It was recommended that the several existing Orders be consolidated, in addition to the following: add requirement to limit the rate that gates in the compensating works are opened or closed to protect fish in St. Marys River rapids; recognize that hydropower entities may conduct peaking and ponding operations subject to IJC guidelines; update the ‘supplies of the past as adjusted’ definition to include most recent data; use the appropriate equation for computing pre-project Lake Superior outflows; require that regulated maximum winter flows take ice management into consideration; amend ‘Criterion C’ to require that any regulation plan must not result in a greater frequency of Lake Superior levels below 183.20 m than would occur with the preproject outlet condition; continue to require that flows be regulated to balance levels of Superior and Michigan-Huron to the extent consistent with the other criteria; recognize the existing authority of the Board of Control to deviate from the plan only in emergencies; and maintain existing flow allocation rules among uses at Sault Ste. Marie. Additional information is found in Ch. 6 of the IUGLS final report.
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