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Regression Relationships for Estimation of Hydropower Production on St. Marys River

Yin Fan;David Fay
Mathematical relationships in the form of power production expressed as a function of plant diversion, head and tailwater levels were developed for each of the hydropower plants in the St. Marys River based on the principles of hydraulics and using regression techniques. Relationships were developed from recent water level and flow diversion data, and corresponding power/energy generation information. The input data reflect current and expected future plant equipment installations. The application of these formulae in the regulation plan evaluations provided a consistent method of comparing the expected power generation for a range of Lake Superior outflow regulation plans and water supply scenarios.
Estimation of Hydropower Production on St. Marys River
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Plan 2012 will be more robust and provide important benefits compared to Plan 77A
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Plan 2012 flow changes will be smaller, benefiting hydropower
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