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Quaternary Geologic Framework of the St. Clair River between Michigan and Ontario, Canada

David Foster;Jane Denny
A geophysical survey of the upper St. Clair River was conducted to determine the Quaternary geologic framework of the region. The surficial geology and stratigraphy of the northernmost St. Clair River was described and the relation between geologic framework and morphologic changes in the St. Clair River channel was assessed. Previously available and new sediment samples, as well as photographic and video data, were used to support the interpretation of the seismic stratigraphy and surficial geology. Geophysical surveys at sites downriver, together with the results of previous studies, were also reviewed to assess the geologic framework of this area of the channel.
Geophysical Data Collection in the St. Clair River
Quaternary Geologic Framework of the St. Clair River
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USGS Geophysical Survey Data (2008)
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St. Clair River
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Has St. Clair morphology changed since 1962, what initiated it, and when?
Key Findings
Evidence suggests St. Clair erosion is not ongoing, but causes remain unknown
Remedial measures should not be taken in the St. Clair
St. Clair River Sediment Regime Analysis