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Preliminary Appraisal of the Institutional Feasibility of Potential Compensating Works in St. Clair River

Ralph Pentland;
An institutional consideration was made of the possible placement of compensating works in the St. Clair River to compensate the water level effects of past physical changes mainly dredging. The report discussed each of the required steps prior to, and following construction of the works, and time requirements. Key steps include intergovernmental and government-public consultations, international and federal-state/provincial agreements, and meeting acts and regulations including environmental assessment requirements. Discussions are also presented on structural design, construction, ownership of the works, their operation and maintenance.
Institutional Feasibility St. Clair River Compensating Works
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St. Clair River
Water Level Restoration
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Can restoration of Michigan-Huron levels address extremes?
Key Findings
Institutional considerations of building new structures would be significant
Remedial measures should not be taken in the St. Clair