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Input Projects
Ecosystem TWG Scoping and Strategy Development
Dependent Projects
Shared Vision Modelling
Lake Superior Fencepost Plans
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Lake Superior Plan Formulation

Plan Formulation and Evaluation Strategy Development

William Werick;David Fay, Richard Bartz, Paul King-Fisher, Ralph Moulton, Jonathan Brown, David Wright, Mike Shantz, Scudder Mackey, Wendy Leger, Anthony Eberhardt, Syed M. A. Moin, Ted Yuzyk, Eugene Stakhiv
This project describes the approach and methods used to evaluate options to improve Lake Superior outflow regulation. A systematic framework for evaluation was developed taking into consideration the needs, benefits and costs of the various interests from Lake Superior through Lake Erie and the Niagara River affected by levels and flows, and which facilitates public inputs and consideration of climate uncertainty. Performance indicators were developed and used to evaluate impacts of different regulation plans on the interests - hydropower, coastal zone, commercial navigation, recreational boating, water uses and the ecosystem/environment. In addition to the use of hydroclimate and hydraulic models, the IUGLS employed integrated ecosystem response model for evaluating environmental impacts, and the Shared Vision Model which provides consistency in the evaluation of water management options and critical information for Study Board's decision-making.
Integrated Ecological Response Model Contextual Overview
Socio-Economic Evaluations of Lake Superior Regulation Plans
Formulation and Evaluation of Lake Superior Regulation Plans
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Main Topics
Lake Superior Regulation
Questions We Asked
Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What are the limits of regulation?
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What constitutes improved plan performance?
Does the plan keep Superior between 182.76 and 183.86 m?
Does the plan balance levels of Superior and Michigan-Huron?
Does the plan lower the highest and raise the lowest Michigan-Huron levels?
Does the plan avoid extremely low Superior levels?
Does the plan reduce environmental impacts?
Does the plan minimize disproportionate losses?
Does the plan reduce shoreline protection costs?
Does the plan benefit commercial navigation?
Does the plan benefit hydropower?
Key Findings
Future conditions are uncertain, so a new regulation plan must be robust
Nine decision criteria were used to evaluate regulation plans
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Plan Formulation & Evaluation