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Legal Review of Orders of Approval

James Chandler;
To assist the IUGLS Study Board in its review and recommendation of the Lake Superior regulation plan, a number of legal issues were identified and discussed. These include: the provisions of the 1914 Boundary Waters Treaty between Canada and the United States and how they relate to the Orders of Approval and Supplementary Orders issued by the IJC; the practice and process followed by the IJC in issuing supplementary orders; details on the establishment of the IJC's Lake Superior Board of Control and membership appointment; Board of Control responsibilities and limits of its authority in adjusting Lake Superior outflows during normal and extreme high or low water supplies; and potential flexibility or limitations that enhance or restrict the IJC and the Lake Superior Board of Control in management of levels and flows of the upper Great Lakes system.
Selected Legal Issues related to Lake Superior Regulation
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Lake Superior Regulation
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What changes to IJC Orders are necessary?
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A new plan provides an opportunity to issue new Orders of Approval
Issue new Orders of Approval
Review of Orders of Approval