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Lake Superior Plan Formulation

Lake Superior Fencepost Plan Development

David Fay;Yin Fan
Three fencepost plans were developed early in the IUGLS to explore the possible bounds of Lake Superior regulation. Fencepost plans are not realistic as they are designed to favour one objective no matter the harm to other interests, and as a result they fail to meet Boundary Waters Treaty and IJC Orders of Approval requirements. However, they allow us to explore the range of levels and flows that are physically achievable given a sequence of water supplies and assuming existing capacities of the St. Marys River regulatory works. The "Superior for Michigan-Huron" plan uses Lake Superior as a reservoir to reduce the water level range on Lake Michigan-Huron. The "Superior for Superior" plan aims to keep Lake Superior as close as possible to its monthly long-term average levels. The "Dependable Flow" plan has the objective of providing dependable flow for hydropower purposes. Results showed that even these extreme plans have limited ability to meet singular objectives.
Fencepost Plans for Lake Superior Regulation Summary
Fencepost Plans
Plan Formulation and Evaluation Group Final Report
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Hydrological Input Data for Plan Formulation & Evaluation
Coordinated Great Lakes Regulation & Routing Model (PFEG NBS)
Shared Vision Model (Sep 2009 Fencepost Plan Practice)
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Lake Superior Regulation
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What are the limits of regulation?
Key Findings
Superior regulation has a small effect on Michigan-Huron levels
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Plan Formulation & Evaluation
Defining the Limits of Regulation