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Institutional & Governance Analysis of Structural and Non-Structural Responses to Water Level Impacts

Douglas Brown;Mark Bain, Michael Donahue, Wendy Leger, Jennifer Read
A comprehensive analysis of the institutional and governance requirements of regulation and non-regulation responses to water level fluctuations was conducted. Based on a literature review, past experiences and an expert’s workshop, a total of three white papers were produced. Two of these were related to regulation adaptive responses, including the international arrangements required to change the IJC’s Orders of Approval and implement a new regulation plan for Lake Superior, and the key international requirements for approval and construction of new regulatory or compensatory structures elsewhere in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River system. The third white paper was related to the institutional and governance requirements of implementing non‐regulation adaptive responses to water level-related impacts, including the role of adaptive management and various engineered and non-engineered risk management measures.
Institutional Requirements for a New Regulation Plan
Institutional Requirements for New Structures
Institutional/Governance Analysis: Non-Regulation Reponses
Institutional/Governance Analysis Workshop Summary
Institutional Analysis of New Regulation Plan or Structures
Non-Regulation Response: Institutional/Governance Analysis
Chicago Shoreline Protection
Chicago Shoreline Storm Damage Reduction Program
Southern Georgian Bay Addressing Water Level Impacts
Water Level-Related Impacts: Macomb County, Lake St. Clair
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Main Topics
Water Level Restoration
Multi-Lake Regulation
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Adaptive Management
Questions We Asked
Can restoration of Michigan-Huron levels address extremes?
Can multi-lake regulation address extremes?
Key Findings
Institutional considerations of building new structures would be significant
Potential for multi-lake regulation to address extremes is limited
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Adaptive management has an important role in addressing risk
Multi-lake regulation should not be pursued
Institutional Analysis