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IJC Orders of Approval Compendium

Peter Yee;
The compendium traces the origin of the 1914 IJC Orders of Approval granting permission to hydro entities to divert St. Marys River water for power generation, and the rationale for setting water level criteria for Lake Superior outflow regulation. It also discusses IJC's supplementary orders issued over the years in response to changing basin conditions and needs of the interests. A detailed description of the present method of outflow regulation is also provided. The compendium serves as background information for investigating potential improvements to Lake Superior outflow regulation, and revisions to the criteria and requirements of the IJC Orders of Approval.
Annotated Compendium of Orders of Approval
Orders of Approval Chronological Events List
Annotated Compendium of Orders of Approval
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Lake Superior Regulation
Questions We Asked
Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What changes to IJC Orders are necessary?
Key Findings
A new plan provides an opportunity to issue new Orders of Approval
Issue new Orders of Approval
Review of Orders of Approval
Hydropower Evaluation