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Flooding Impact Analysis

W. F. Baird & Associates;
Detailed flooding analysis was undertaken to support coastal zone performance indicator development. The activities were identified based on the previous scoping exercises, the coastal strategy adapted to address peer review comments, and the overall phased approach. Initial activities included the undertaking of a joint probability analysis and parallel efforts to develop hydrologic metrics to compare the relative performance of regulation plan options and test site demonstrations of economic impacts for multi-lake regulation and Lake Michigan-Huron water level restoration scoping activities. Further detailed modelling was undertaken at four test sites. The overall effort contributed to the development of flooding performance indicators and site specific flood impact model at the test sites.
Flooding Evaluation: Return Period Analysis
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Lake Superior Regulation
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What constitutes improved plan performance?
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What are the main benefits of the new regulation plan?
Does the plan minimize disproportionate losses?
Key Findings
Plan 2012 will be more robust and provide important benefits compared to Plan 77A
Plan 2012 provides overall economic improvements
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Coastal Zone Evaluation