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Erosion Impact Analysis

Geomorphic Solutions;Paul Villard, Jeff Doucette
Water levels are one of many factors influencing erosion processes along the upper Great Lakes shoreline. The erosion activities undertaken by the Coastal Zone TWG were intended to focus on the most sensitive shoreline types in the context of the IUGLS water level management decisions. The activities included the undertaking of descriptive process reports on erosion processes for bedrock, stable dynamic and erosional sandy beaches, and cohesive shorelines. Based on the information regarding the expected sensitivity of particular shoreline types to water level fluctuations, specific modelling was undertaken to allow the comparison of water level regulation scenarios for the stable dynamic beach and cohesive shorelines. In the end, an operational model (CoRModel) was developed for comparing regulation plans at three specific cohesive shoreline test sites. The model was used as a performance indicator in the plan evaluation process.
Tool to Evaluate Erosion Impacts of Fluctuating Water Levels
Bedrock Shoreline Erosion Assessment
Introduction to Erosional Cohesive Bluff Assessment
Introduction to Erosional Sandy Beach Assessment
Introduction to Stable Dynamic Beach Assessment
Stable Dynamic Beach Modelling Framework
Stable Dynamic Beach Modelling Results
Cohesive Shoreline Erosion Modelling Framework
Cohesive Shoreline Erosion Modelling Results
Modelling Bluff Erosion in the Upper Great Lakes
Cohesive Shoreline Recession Model (CoRModel)
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
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Key Findings
Plan 2012 will be more robust and provide important benefits compared to Plan 77A
Plan 2012 provides overall economic improvements
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