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Ecosystem Technical Working Group Scoping and Strategy Development

Jan Ciborowski;Valerie Brady, Donald Uzarski, Dennis Albert, Scudder Mackey, Susan Doka, Gerald Niemi, Elaine Ruzycki, Lucinda Johnson, Joanna Kidd, Janet Keogh
Initial scoping and strategy development designed to establish a comprehensive environmental evaluation strategy that would allow an assessment of the environmental impact of proposed water level regulation plans on the upper Great Lakes. In response to the need to evaluate potential ecological impacts of changing Lake Superior water level regulation plans, the Ecosystem Technical Work Group adopted an approach that is focused on assessing ecosystem vulnerabilities to changing Upper Great Lakes water level regimes. The objective of this approach is to identify water-level ranges and threshold criteria that minimize adverse impacts to biotic communities and ecosystem function, i.e. a range of water levels and water-level variability that supports diverse biotic communities and ecosystem functions. Environmental threshold criteria were based solely on the water level regime requirements necessary to maintain natural biotic diversity and ecological functions.
Water Level Effects on Ecosystem: Annotated Bibliography
Upper Great Lakes Indicator Species Scoping Project
Ecosystem Responses to Regulation‐based Water Level Changes
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Lake Superior Regulation
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What constitutes improved plan performance?
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Key Findings
Nine decision criteria were used to evaluate regulation plans
Ecosystems Evaluation