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Domestic, Municipal and Industrial Water Uses Synthesis and Summary

Richard Bartz;Pat Inch
A final synthesis and summary report was prepared describing the domestic, municipal and industrial water uses studies and analysis conducted as part of the IUGLS. Study objectives, scope, highlights from the contextual narrative, coping zones and performance indicator development are all described. An extensive database was developed for intakes and related facilities on the upper Great Lakes, including their withdrawals. Historical water uses were reviewed, and discussion on how future levels may affect users. Also listed are contractor documents, documents for peer review, and discussion on adaptive management.
Water Uses Technical Work Group Summary
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Lake Superior Regulation
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What constitutes improved plan performance?
Key Findings
Plan 2012 will be more robust and provide important benefits compared to Plan 77A
Plan 2012 provides overall economic improvements
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Water Uses Evaluation
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