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Development of an Adaptive Management Strategy for the Great Lakes System

Wendy Leger;Jennifer Read
This project involves all work conducted in developing the upper Great Lakes adaptive management strategy, including workshops held with researchers, scientists, water managers, government agencies, institutions and others used to develop key aspects of the strategy, and white papers summarizing the resulting adaptive management strategy that was developed. This information forms the basis of the final adaptive management synthesis and summary report.
Great Lakes‐St. Lawrence River Levels Advisory Board White Paper
Adaptive Management Workshop: Windsor Jun 2009
Hydroclimate/Adaptive Management Workshop: Toronto Feb 2010
Hydroclimate Uncertainty FIRM Workshop: Burlington Dec 2010
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Main Topics
Adaptive Management
Questions We Asked
What is adaptive management's role in addressing extremes?
What are the elements of an effective adaptive management strategy?
Key Findings
Adaptive management has an important role in addressing risk
Information and education are key to adaptive management
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Adaptive management requires improved data, science, collaboration & integration
Adaptive management requires a modified governance structure
Adaptive management is relevant to other Great Lakes initiatives
Apply adaptive management to address extremes
Establish Levels Advisory Board
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Work with governments to fund and coordinate adaptive management
Adaptive Management