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Development of Future Environmental Scenarios for Adaptive Management

Scudder Mackey;
A set of hypothetical environmental scenarios were developed to allow the preparation of a set of multi-tiered strategies to anticipate and respond to unforeseen ecological events that may impact existing and future Lake Superior water level regulation. The environmental scenarios were designed to be plausible, affected by changes in water level and flow regime, and measurable with performance indicators of clear impacts and benefits. The overall objective was to develop a set of at least six hypothetical scenarios to be used to explore how adaptive management could be used to protect and minimize harmful impacts to the Great Lakes ecosystem in response to altered flow and water level regimes.
Future Environmental Scenarios
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Adaptive Management
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What is adaptive management's role in addressing extremes?
What are the elements of an effective adaptive management strategy?
Key Findings
Adaptive management has an important role in addressing risk
Adaptive management requires improved data, science, collaboration & integration
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Adaptive Management