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Cost Estimates for Potential St. Clair River Restoration Structures

Jack Frost;William Merte
Reconnaissance level cost estimates and associated resource requirements were provided for three structural options in the St. Clair River for restoring (raising) levels of Lake Michigan-Huron. The three structures included: submerged weirs of two alternative designs, one using Type 4 weirs and one using Type 11 weirs for each of eleven proposed sill locations; rock-fill dikes across the east channel at Stag and Fawn Islands, with upstream and downstream extensions; and parallel dikes and weirs extending into Lake Huron. The estimates were prepared using what limited existing design and site information was available, historical data, material quotes and engineering judgment for each of the three proposed restoration structures.
Cost & Resource Requirements for St. Clair River Structures
Detailed Cost Estimates of St. Clair River Structures
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Water Level Restoration
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Can restoration of Michigan-Huron levels address extremes?
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Restoration structures in the St. Clair are technically possible but costly
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