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Commercial Navigation Coping Zones

Frank Millerd;Ralph Moulton, David Wright
Coping zones were developed for the commercial navigation interest. Coping zones define the ranges of levels and flows that affect commercial navigation, from those levels that are desirable and within expectations and tolerance, to levels outside of expectations but tolerable, to levels beyond the range of tolerance that cause long-lasting or permanent adverse impacts. The delineation of commercial navigation coping zones was based on literature review, and consultations with the shipping interest and operators. Water levels used to delineate the coping zones were presented, and reasons for possible changes in the coping zones over time noted. Environmental and economic characteristics useful in describing the coping zones were also examined.
Commercial Navigation Coping Zones
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How vulnerable are interest groups to extremes?
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Interests can adapt to historical range of levels; beyond this adaptive responses may be required
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Apply adaptive management to address extremes
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