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Coastal Zone Study Site Characterization

Mike Shantz;Eric Tauriainen
The Coastal Zone TWG along with staff from Environment Canada and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers undertook an effort to document further site characteristics for the priority areas within the Coastal Zone site selection process. When the effort was initially identified, it was partly intended to support related modelling. However, the site characterization effort was considered a low priority relative to some of the impact modelling as the information was largely contextual. As a result, the site characterization effort was undertaken in parallel to the modelling activities. In the end, the site characterization information was more strongly linked to the coping zone initiative of the Adaptive Management TWG. On the Canadian side, an overall site characterization report was prepared. On the U.S. side, summary information was gathered to support coping zone development and context.
Coastal Study Site Characterization and Coping Zones: Canada
Coastal Study Site Characterization and Coping Zones: U.S.
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