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Coastal Zone Impact Scoping and Methodology Development

W. F. Baird & Associates;Scott Thieme, Christian Stewart, CDM-Smith, Geomorphic Solutions, Mike Shantz, Eric Tauriainen
The Coastal Zone Technical Working Group undertook various initial scoping activities to provide background necessary to develop a framework for generating performance indicators to support Lake Superior regulation plan evaluation. The different scoping activities led to the development of a phased impact evaluation strategy. Various contractors and Coastal Zone TWG members contributed to products developed within the overall impact scoping and methodology development project. Contractors W. F. Baird and Associates undertook inventories of available data and tested their FEPS model for erosion and shore protection impacts at specific sites while Geomorphic Solutions undertook a broader evaluation of erosion modelling options. A third contractor, CDM-Smith, identified a range of potential economic measures to support the valuation of low water impacts on coastal riparians. An experts workshop also helped prioritize activities and identify data sets to support the analysis.
Coastal Zone Contextual Narrative Working Paper
Shoreline Characteristics Data
Review of Cohesive & Sandy Shoreline Erosion Models
Coastal Experts Workshop Notes
FEPS Sensitivity Analysis
Additional Data and Information

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Lake Superior Regulation
Questions We Asked
Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What constitutes improved plan performance?
Key Findings
Nine decision criteria were used to evaluate regulation plans
Coastal Zone Evaluation