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Coastal Zone Adaptive Management Needs

Mike Shantz;Eric Tauriainen
The Coastal Zone TWG was asked to identify potential monitoring and modelling activities that could be incorporated into an adaptive management strategy to improve baseline information on coastal interests needed to monitor any Lake Superior regulation decision. The identified needs focused on items that could have been used to improve the Lake Superior regulation decisions within the IUGLS. It was noted that a complimentary component of adaptive management is setting up systems and strategies to actually reduce vulnerabilities to hazardous conditions (i.e., extreme water levels), as opposed to depending on managing the hazard itself. Since activities to reduce vulnerabilities are largely outside the control of the IJC, the white paper did not specifically address such adaptive management options.
Coastal Zone Adaptive Management Monitoring/Modelling Needs
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Adaptive Management
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What is adaptive management's role in addressing extremes?
What are the elements of an effective adaptive management strategy?
Key Findings
Adaptive management has an important role in addressing risk
Information and education are key to adaptive management
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Adaptive management requires improved data, science, collaboration & integration
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Apply adaptive management to address extremes
Coastal Zone Evaluation
Adaptive Management