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Water Uses Synthesis and Summary

Assessment of the Present and Future Water Uses in the Great Lakes Basin

Benedykt Dziegielewski;Mitchell Horrie
Based on available information, an assessment was made on the past, present and future water withdrawals, returns, and consumptive use in the Great Lakes basin. Detailed information were presented on: current water withdrawals for major sectors; past trends in demand by sectors and corresponding trends in related factors such as population growth and economic growth; forecasted water use demand by credible agencies or sources; and, additional significant factors, including climate change, which may affect forecasted projections and trends in water use demand. Also provided a high-level analysis of how water use and demand on the upper Great Lakes is expected to change over the next 30 years (to 2040).
Assessment of Present & Future Water Use in Great Lakes
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Lake Superior Regulation
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Can a regulation plan be designed to perform better than Plan 1977A?
What are the main benefits of the new regulation plan?
Key Findings
Plan 2012 will be more robust and provide important benefits compared to Plan 77A
Plan 2012 provides overall economic improvements
Approve Lake Superior Plan 2012
Water Uses Evaluation